This position is equity based until fundraising and/or revenue. We have great traction and can take part time candidates.

What we do:
We are working to revolutionize the way small to midsize companies access people and capital to build great businesses. We built a technology platform to connect companies with professionals, who share skills, advise a group of companies or privately. Longer-term, our platform enables the network of professionals to invest with us in companies we select through the platform. We are currently in beta and getting great feedback – with hundreds of users and continuing to show use cases for funding.

What we’re looking for:

Our platform is built from scratch and is in beta. We will need to maintain what we have initially to complete getting use cases and rebuild shortly after. You will join the founding team to fill a key role and lead the launch and testing of our beta site and the rebuild of a new site.

You have to be reliable, capable, ambitious, a problem solver and detail oriented. We are looking to disrupt a market with a big growth potential and are looking for a top engineer / developer with solid experience as well as a passion to fix our system and take us to the next level. You will lead all technology responsibilities and help us build a highly customized, leading technology platform for what we do. You will be expected to be a hands on coder given our small team and grow with the company with intimate knowledge of what we solve. 

This is a great opportunity to change a very old industry that needs innovation, and to be an early team member motivated to build an extraordinary system from the ground up. Initially you will focus on making our system ready for what we need to compete our beta with significant attention to detail to ensure security, functionality and user experience.  You’ll be part of a small, growing start up team responsible for the technology function – as a hands on developer with expanding role to grow the team and move to more senior roles with the growth of the business.

• Team leader and full stack software engineer: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, SQL/NoSQL, Apache/nginx.
• MySQL, PHP 4-5, Zend, MongoDB, OOP, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, JSON, media streaming, Amazon Web Services, EC2, Highload, ColdFusion.
• A proficiency in the DOM, DHTML and AJAX is a big plus
• Specialties: Architect, Security, Linux, FreeBSD, IPv4 routing, iptables, DHCP, ARP, SNMP, vlan, Postfix, BIND, Subversion, Apache HTTPD, nginx, Memcached, NFS, ProFTPD, VPN, Samba, SSH, Squid Proxy, rrdtool, ffmpeg.
• You are passionate, not afraid of challenges and always a step ahead to solve problems creatively
• Highly capable to build a custom system and evaluate best technology options
• Network servers building (border gateways, web, routing, vpn), network architecture design (copper and fiberoptics ethernet 100M/1G, broadband, WiFi), wiring.
• Solid knowledge of HTML, HTML5/CSS3 CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, and XML
• Experience with coding for cross-browser and platform consistency•
• Experience building data-driven web applications leveraging PHP/MySQL•
• Web application development – popular APIs such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.•
• Comfortable with layout and design applications such as Adobe CS
• Fast-learner

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