We’re looking for a part-time to full-time COO who works hard and is ready to get his or her hands dirty. While no startup experience is required, we are ideally looking for someone with a background in fundraising, marketing, and/or app development (in that order).

CenturyClub was started earlier this year in order to connect bars and customers. Applying a unique business model of membership-enabled discounts, we seek to increase revenue and profits for bars and create savings for customers. Since our founding, we’ve secured exclusive approval from the New York State Liquor Authority to offer third-party alcohol-only discounts, and have also signed on several bars in Lower Manhattan as partners.

Equity only: 21%-36%, 3 year vesting, 1 year cliff with acceleration

About CenturyClub

CenturyClub is a new and innovative way to get drinks and have fun. Customers save 50% all day, every day at every single one of our bar partners. There's absolutely no tricks or gimmicks. Plus, since all the transactions are handled on a customer's phone, customers never have to worry about waiting for a check or forgetting a credit card.For bars, CenturyClub promises more revenue with none of the strings and loopholes of traditional bar promoters. Unlike most promoters, CenturyClub charges bars absolutely nothing to be a partner. Customers pay a monthly fee to be a part of CenturyClub, and nearly the entire fee amount goes right back to support our partners. Our incentives get customers out of their apartments and into our partner bars, raising traffic and profits.

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