Causely is looking for a full-stack, multi-faceted engineer to join this well-rounded, versatile development team. We focus on developers that want to participate in an environment where the teams are small, the problems large and impactful, and wherein every engineer has a wide-mastery of topics leveraged on a daily basis.

You are

  • Well versed in a breadth of areas with a few specific depths that you really own

  • Excited to work with new technologies and systems, constantly creating new Git repositories for your various projects

  • Language agnostic, “whatever tool gets the job done best” is your motto

  • Neat and organized in everything you do

  • The type of person that has long technical conversations at lunch

  • More than capable of working collaboratively on a fast-paced team of like-minded engineers

  • Interested in how the technology stack works from top-to-bottom

You need

  • 4+ years of industry experience

  • Strong software engineering fundamentals (data structures, design patterns, algorithms, etc.)

  • The ability to navigate remote Linux servers

  • A willingness to both learn and teach


Nice to have


  • A BA/BS in Computer Science

  • Experience with Java and/or Scala

  • Experience with a variety of server technologies (Spark, Akka, REST, NoSql, etc.)

  • Experience with a variety of web technologies (AngularJS, RSVP, RequireJS, Gulp, etc.)

  • Experience with mobile development (iOS/Android, Ionic/Cordova/Phonegap)

About Causely, Inc

Causely started with the simple belief that charitable giving can have a positive return on investment. We work with hundreds of businesses to inspire customers to become brand advocates on social media.

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