Community Experience Interns work at the core of CareerVillage.org and are continuously involved in a broad variety of activities and functions. Throughout the course of your internship, you will work with members of the CareerVillage.org team across all different areas and gain valuable insight into how CareerVillage.org works. 

Major Responsibilities include:

  • Monitor and moderate the community. You will assist in maintaining the high quality of daily activity on CareerVillage.org and create plans and processes for the management of up to 25,000 students and 10,000 online mentors throughout the year. 
  • Support educator outreach. Assist in planning and setting up educator outreach meetings or events to help foster a sense of community. 
  • Attract new volunteers. This will include conducting market research to identify new volunteer candidates, recruiting them, and engaging them on the site. 


Desired Skills & Background:

  • Excellent customer service skills 
  • Familiar with process improvement and streamlining efficiencies 
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills and background – Word, Excel, PowerPoint 
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Ability to prioritize and execute on given tasks and responsibilities

CareerVillage.org interns are offered unparalleled opportunities to build experience and show their worth. Our team devotes time and energy to supporting our interns to ensure your success with us and beyond. Please note that CareerVillage.org is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and a startup.

About CareerVillage.org

CareerVillage.org is an education technology non-profit organization that helps high school students get college and career advice. We do that by recruiting mentors to give advice online using our Q&A mentoring platform. By making it easy for mentors to give advice from their computer or mobile phone, we're making mentorship scalable. CareerVillage focuses on low-income communities, where the need is greatest, and is already in use at schools and after-school programs like KIPP, Achievement First, and NFTE. CareerVillage is a growing organization with grassroots support, and recently won challenge grants paid for by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and JPMorgan Chase. Contact us now to discuss partnerships or funding opportunities.   Working at CareerVillage.org will be a life-changing experience! You'll be able to work on something world-changing that you can get excited about every single day, with a super brilliant team, in a high-tech nonprofit context. We work hard, take ourselves seriously, and still have a ton of fun. If that sounds like you, let's connect!

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