We’re looking for a recent college graduate with the organization and attitude necessary to tackle any task that comes up. This role is perfect for someone with a can-do attitude, a competitive drive, and who isn’t afraid to ask for what they need to succeed.

Operations responsibilities: 

* Tackling the unexpected tasks that come up in the course of day-to-day operations 

* Managing fundraising pipelines and supporting fundraising outreach 

* Supporting our educator outreach team with resources and pipeline management as they roll on new schools 

* Setup, promote, and manage community and fundraising events

A little about you – You were the student voted “most likely to organize their roommate’s dorm room”. You like to put those little colored tabbies on important pages in your textbooks. You want to do something that has a purpose beyond just turning a profit. You started organizing bake sales in elementary school, food drives in jr. high, fundraisers in high school, and started your own political campaign or nonprofit in college. You changed your middle name to Gantt. Your friends wonder if you secretly have redbull running through your veins. You work hard. You play hard. You’re going places.

Work location is a super cool office in Boston’s Seaport district with awesome views, and also includes time spent in the CA Bay Area. Join us! 

About CareerVillage.org

CareerVillage.org is an education technology non-profit organization that helps high school students get college and career advice. We do that by recruiting mentors to give advice online using our Q&A mentoring platform. By making it easy for mentors to give advice from their computer or mobile phone, we're making mentorship scalable. CareerVillage focuses on low-income communities, where the need is greatest, and is already in use at schools and after-school programs like KIPP, Achievement First, and NFTE. CareerVillage is a growing organization with grassroots support, and recently won challenge grants paid for by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and JPMorgan Chase.       Working at CareerVillage.org will be a life-changing experience! You'll be able to work on something world-changing that you can get excited about every single day, with a super brilliant team, in a high-tech nonprofit context. We work hard, take ourselves seriously, and still have a ton of fun. If that sounds like you, let's connect!

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