Hi, we’re Canary… a NYC-based startup that helps people connect to their family, their community and their homes in new ways. Our first product is an award-winning all-in-one home security device that makes it easy to not just see, but understand what’s happening in your home from anywhere.  

We are seeking an embedded software engineer to help us achieve our goal of transforming way people think about connecting to physical places, their families and their communities. 

This position will work closely with Canary’s Hardware Engineering and Software Engineering teams to turn raw A/D values into meaningful real world events from our device’s diverse sensor suite (3 MP Camera, temperature, humidity, air quality and a few others). We hope you find this exciting and come armed with a bag of tricks and excitement about problem solving.

Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Building a light weight deployment, packaging system. Back to unix roots. we are using ARMv6 chipset with a linaro (busybox) system + special kernel modules.
  • Responsible for all code deployments, build environment for software engineers.
  • Expected to take a role in recommending best practices.
  • System architect for a unix system on embedded device.
  • Interact with premiere (Chinese and American) manufacturer of consumer embedded systems.
  • Work on a product which will ship to thousands of customers around the world.

Candidate Requirements & Qualifications:

  • Expert unix sysadmin, init scripts, light weight package managers (eg. Net-BSD, ports)
  • Mastery of cross compilation, porting packages to embedded architecture and securing embedded systems.

How to apply:

Please add a short description of a project on which you worked which you think shows you are a good candidate for this position. Make sure you include your role and responsibilities in the project.

About Canary:

There are a lot of “smart home” companies out there trying to “connect” things – dishwashers, lights, fridges, TVs, crock-pots, etc. At Canary we prefer to solve problems.  

We started with home security because it’s a need shared by hundreds of millions of people around the globe. We know because we’ve already sold Canary in 78 countries, and proved through our Indiegogo campaign (the most successful ever) that there’s a real demand for affordable intelligent home security. Rather than just preventing the bad (including burglaries, fires and nosy landlords), Canary also helps out in other ways whether it’s letting users watch their kids play during the middle of the day or providing a digital neighborhood watch while they’re on vacation.  

The goal for our first product is to make a security device that people want to interact with on a daily basis. We’re looking for awesome people who love toppling giants, working autonomously in small teams, solving challenging problems, and developing solutions for actual people.

About Canary

Canary is a New York City-based technology startup with a mission to make people safer and more connected to their homes. Founded by experts with experience in security, robotics, software and design, Canary is focused on the development of its eponymous first product: an affordable, easy to set up and smart security solution available to everyone.

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