Job Role

At Textbooks for Change (T4C), we have been pushing hard to create strong partnerships across Ontario with post secondary institutions. These partnerships are essential to T4C’s growth and the impact we create around the world. On the cusp of a US expansion, T4C is looking for a highly motivated, passionate leader to join the team and take on the task of optimizing our growth across post-secondary institutions in Ontario. Working alongside our marketing and ambassador teams, the Campus Community Developer will leverage our current network of partners to optimize our presence across Ontario and generate new and exciting partnerships along the way. 

 Your role includes:

  1. Optimizing our presence across our current network of 18 post-secondary institutions by working hand in hand with our marketing and student ambassador teams.

  2. Generating new partnerships with post secondary institutions T4C has yet to work with by placing Dropboxes in high traffic student locations

  3. Bringing on Textbook Buy Back programs and student apartments across Ontario

  4. Implementing and iterating on sales processes including, email templates, infographics, partnership agreements, on boarding programs, client experience plans, etc.

You Have:


  • Experience in account management or community development

  • A proven track record: You have proven that you can leverage partnerships to generate leads, manage crucial partnership to foster growth, and you view failure as a learning experience.

  • A life: You have passions outside of work and contribute to the community that you live in

You Are:


  • Passionate for social change: Making a dent in the universe is something you want to be apart of

  • Professional: Our partner base is made up of highly respected academics and librarians. We need someone who knows how to write, speak, and act as a professional at all times.

  • A great communicator: You know how to get your message across clearly and concisely

  • Organized: the devil is in the details, and you love the details 

  • A people person: you’re the type of person who strikes up a conversation with anyone, anywhere

  • Gritty: You are resilient in pursuing your goals, even when the going gets tough

  • Fast paced: You thrive in stressful situations and are able to juggle multiple projects at once

  • A fast learner: You are hungry to take on new projects to expand your knowledge; You execute, make a mistake, learn, and iterate to always be improving

  • Focused and flexible: Sometimes you’ll work from the office, sometimes on campuses, and sometimes from home; no matter where it is, the job gets done

What This Job is Not:


  • Easy: This job will be the most challenging role you’ve ever had. Working at a start-up is hard. Building a start-up while making a major social impact is harder. This job will test you and in the end, you will have one damn good story to tell

  • Consistent: We expect you to find solutions, learn from mistakes, implement processes, and move on to the next project

  • Structured: Your day-to-day will change constantly adapting to the company’s needs.

We Need You To: 

  • Think big: Execute in the moment, but always think ten steps ahead to bigger and better things

  • Innovate: Push both our social and business impact forward

About Textbooks for Change

Textbooks for Change (T4C) is a B Corp and start-up that provides affordable and accessible educational materials to students both locally and abroad. We repurpose used textbooks to create social impact and improve the educational landscape for students around the world. We do this by donating textbooks to African universities, selling used textbooks online to North American students, and recycling textbooks efficiently. 

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