Job Role

Textbooks for Change (T4C) engrains ourselves into the campus culture by engaging students looking to have fun while creating a global impact. That’s why we created a Campus Ambassador Program. In the next year, we are going to be expanding across Ontario before setting our sights to the rest of North America. Our Campus Ambassadors are essential for maintaining our growth on current campuses while launching new opportunities at new campuses. We need a leader and motivator to be the champion of our passionate and growing team of campus ambassador.

 Your role includes:

  1. Leading a team of 15-20 Head Campus Ambassadors at Ontario universities and colleges through activities including textbook fundraising drives and on-campus engagement 

  2. Creating and organizing campaigns, events, and initiatives that connect students with our social impact, purpose, and brand

  3. Recruiting new campus ambassadors at campuses across North America 

  4. Implementing processes and systems to optimize the experience for our campus ambassadors and team

You Have:

  • Experience leading teams and motivating young people in university/college or a business

  • A post-secondary degree in communications, business, or a relevant field

  • A proven track record: You’ve created exceptional results through leading people

  • Balance: You know how to manage your time effectively and prioritize what needs to be done

  • Confidence: You believe in yourself and the team 

  • A life: You have passions outside of work and contribute to the community that you live in

You Are:  

  • Passionate for social change: Making a dent in the universe is something you want to be apart of

  • A leader: You have experience leading a team through stressful situations, achieving amazing results in the end 

  • Fun: preferably, a lot of fun!

  • A great communicator: You know how to get your message across clearly and concisely

  • Organized: the devil is in the details, and you love the details  

  • A people person: you will strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere

  • Gritty: You are resilient in pursuing your goals, even when the going gets tough

  • Fast paced: You thrive in stressful situations and are able to juggle multiple projects at once

  • A fast learner: You are hungry to take on new projects to expand your knowledge; You execute, make a mistake, learn, and iterate to always be improving

  • Focused and flexible: Sometimes you’ll work from the office, sometimes on campuses, and sometimes from home; no matter where it is, the job gets done

What This Job is Not:

  • Easy: This job will be the most challenging role you’ve ever had. Working at a start-up is hard. Building a start-up while making a major social impact is harder. This job will test you and in the end, you will have one damn good story to tell

  • Consistent: We expect you to find solutions, learn from mistakes, implement processes, and move on to the next project

  • Structured: Your day-to-day will change constantly adapting to the company’s needs.

We Need You To: 

  • Think big: Execute in the moment, but always think ten steps ahead to bigger and better things

  • Innovate: Push both our social and business impact forward

About Textbooks for Change

Textbooks for Change (T4C) is a B Corp and start-up that provides affordable and accessible educational materials to students both locally and abroad. We repurpose used textbooks to create social impact and improve the educational landscape for students around the world. We do this by donating textbooks to African universities, selling used textbooks online to North American students, and recycling textbooks efficiently. 

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