Who we are:

We are QuikForce, a Harvard iLab incubated start up changing how logistics are performed in the SMB space. We’re a small team with big plans and are growing rapidly.

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for entrepreneurial, hard working Business Development/Marketing Associates interested in owning the entire spectrum of business activities including marketing, sales, operations and management.
As an associate, you’ll wear many hats and will be expected to juggle multiple projects at once. A common day could include developing our social marketing strategy in the morning, creating a sales pitch in the afternoon, and brainstorming how to most efficiently conduct operations in the evening. You’ll also be expected to contribute to high level strategic business decisions, conduct primary market research, contribute during UI/UX debates, and help the Founders tackle general management questions as well.
In this position, you’ll have a wide reaching impact on the success of the organization. If you join us, one thing is certain; you’ll never have a dull day. Ideal applicants will possess the following skill sets:

•    Hustler mentality
•    Strong entrepreneurial spirit
•    Desire to be part of a fast-growing tech startup
•    Good communication skills
•    A team player interest in being part of the Harvard / MIT entrepreneurial community
•    Ability to multitask, self motivated, with a high capacity for workplace autonomy

Perks of the position:

As a Harvard iLab Incubated team member, you would gain access to everything the iLab’s Venture Incubation Program has to offer. This includes access to weekly workshops hosted by organizations like IDEO, Microsoft, and a variety of venture capital firms who will help build your business skill sets and prepare you for long term career success.
Additionally, you would also be working in a collaborative, open space environment where you’d meet other cofounders, business development specialists, marketing professionals and technical folks from across industry. Over 80 firms are currently hosted in the iLab and interactions between teams are frequent. This is great opportunity to share ideas, tackle difficult problems together, and generally learn from one another.
Finally, you would also have access to unlimited free soda and snacks to keep energy levels high as well as Xboxes and Playstations for when you need to take a break.
You can learn more about the iLab here: http://i-lab.harvard.edu/


This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to tackle interesting and tough business challenges while owning a piece of the business and gaining access to some serious mentorship and other enrichment opportunities.

We’d love to meet you so please apply!

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