Join the BrainStation team!

About the Role:

As a Teaching Assistant at BrainStation, you’re supporting both students and fellow educators. Eager learners will come from far and wide to tackle various topics and you’re a key component of defining their journey.

A Week in the Life of a Teaching Assistant:

  • 3 hours in class (one night/week)
  • Providing action oriented feedback to your fellow educators and students
  • Weekly reviews to ensure our courses are always evolving
  • Smiling faces pumped up to see you once a week
  • Setting the expectations with the assistance of your team

Required Qualifications: 

  • You love to have fun, are obsessed with teaching, whilst making new friends
  • You’re an egoless leader that’s open to action oriented feedback
  • 3+ years of experience in your respective course discipline
  • Ability to create fast, beautiful interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Experience developing responsive web applications that work well across multiple devices
  • Familiar with a JavaScript framework like Angular, Backbone, or Ember
  • Experience working with REST APIs
  • You can handle a CSS preprocessor like SASS or LESS
  • You enjoy making your life easier by automating tasks with Grunt or Gulp
  • You have a passion for new technologies, and enjoy sharing them with others
  • You know what semantic HTML is, and why we use it
  • You can handle a CSS preprocessor like SASS or LESS
  • You understand what makes a good website; speed, design, and reliability
  • You can optimize a website/web application for mobile devices on various platforms

BONUS POINTS: We of course love to work with alumni and our students, have you considered taking a BrainStation course?

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