BookBub is unlike just about any other startup in Boston; we’ve bootstrapped our way to millions of members with a small engineering team. Now that we’ve proved that millions of consumers love BookBub, we need to grow and expand our products and features. Our situation is unique because we’re small enough that each engineer owns significant chunks of the product, but we’re big enough that everything we build is seen by millions. It also means we’re fortunate to be able to offer good market-rate salaries and more equity than is typically found with a company at this stage.

We’re Looking For

* Smart, intellectually curious developers
* Excited to be part of the small core engineering team with a huge engineering opportunity to build out a consumer web platform
* Want to go fast, but at a sustainable pace — we’re running a marathon, not a sprint
* People who want to learn our tech stack if they don’t already know it: so far it’s a really clean Rails app (Ruby 2.1, Rails 4.1, Postgresql, Haml, Sass, CoffeeScript, ActiveAdmin, Sidekiq, Redis, Capybara, Poltergeist…) running on top of great services like AWS, Github, New Relic, Semaphore, CodeClimate, Papertrail, etc.

About BookBub

BookBub is a rapidly growing startup launched by serial entrepreneurs in 2012. Millions of readers interact with the site every day and the service helps thousands of leading publishers and authors drive sales and find new fans. Connecting readers with great deals on ebooks is just the beginning for BookBub. We're growing our team to launch new consumer-facing book discovery features, tools for authors and publishers, and other web and mobile products that address the digital transition of the publishing industry.

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