The human form is fundamental to understanding the world we live in. Body Labs already has the world’s most advanced technology for capturing and representing an individual’s 3D shape, but we’re in need of a talented designer to create graphics, products and presentations that do our bodies justice. We’re looking for someone to, among other things:

  1. Make our website, web apps and presentations look inspired
  2. Guide the creative process and ensure a consistent, compelling, attractive look and feel for our marketing materials, multimedia posts, demos, and similar
  3. Take the lead in branding and associated activities
  4. Create – or at least manage – video for marketing, product, and technology demonstrations
  5. Assist us in getting our message out through social media

About Body Labs, Inc

Body Labs has the world's most advanced technology for analyzing human body size, shape, and motion. There has never before been a fully automated, simple way to create 3D body models that can move through the entire range of human motion.

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