We are looking to grow our team. We are adding an experienced (and awesome) iOS developer position to our team. Our core values revolve around quality and integrity. We want everything we do to be high quality and our actions with each other and clients to be honest and trustworthy. We want to bring in someone who will help us to grow this company and build our company culture.

About BlueLine Labs

BlueLine Labs specializes in native iOS and Android development. We want to partner with startups to go from idea to app creation to product/market fit. We are passionate about creating apps that users love.So, how are we different than the other agencies out there? Well there are two things we feel set us apart. We have a high value on ownership in what we do. We don’t hire code monkeys - we want everyone in our company to have input into how we develop apps and how we shape a product. Also we are committed to having a social impact. We have decided to spend 5-10% of our time on low to no cost projects to help social justice here in Chicago and around the world.

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