Blocbox is looking for a lead engineer who will play an integral role in the design, development and performance of our growing neighborhood platform.

Our platform is built from scratch and is in public beta. You will have the opportunity to join the founding team and define and expand the product as we move through our beta and beyond. This position is equity based until further fundraising and/or revenue. We’re getting great traction and aggressively pursuing further funding while we grow. Sounds like an awesome opportunity, but you’re not immediately available? Yes, we’re willing to discuss part time.

Who You Are:

You love what you do. You love to write code. You’re passionate about building something useful for people in your neighborhood, that’s potentially valuable to everyone. You’re obsessive about the problem. You’re relentless. You’re not satisfied with the easy solution.

What You Can Do:

  • Excellent command of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, XML, PostgreSQL, Python, and Django
  • A basic understanding of Objective-C, Swift and/or Java
  • Highly capable to build a custom system and evaluate best technology options
  • Experience with coding for cross-browser and platform consistency
  • Web application development – popular APIs such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

About Blocbox

Blocbox is building a neighborhood marketplace that solves the package delivery problem. Blocbox enables neighbors that work from home perform tasks like package receipt for neighbors that are gone during the day. There are limitless additional use cases: storing boxes, letting the repairman in, walking dogs, childcare, equipment rental, house sitting, etc. With Blocbox everyone in the neighborhood wins.

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