Blocbox is looking for a marketing intern to work hand in hand with the cofounders to rapidly expand our platform into new neighborhoods.

What You’ll Do:

  •  Use a data-driven approach – identify, execute, and optimize digital and offline marketing campaigns to efficiently acquire new users
  •  Collaborate with our product team to optimize virality and conversions
  •  Initiate and carry out innovative experiments to test demand in new neighborhoods 
  • Production and distribution of materials (brochures, flyers, videos…)
  • Attend networking events, pitches, trade shows, conferences
  • Website testing, and user experience

Who You Are:

  •  Analytical and rigorous, with a thorough understanding of key customer acquisition metrics and statistics
  •  Experienced with Facebook and Google campaigns and SEO
  •  Outstanding communicator with demonstrated writing and editing skills
  •  Have significant experience in a similar role, ideally at a start-up
  • College degree. Have an MBA or currently getting one? Awesome.

How to Apply:

Say hello and send  your resume to us at info@blocbox.co

About Blocbox

Blocbox is building a neighborhood marketplace that solves the package delivery problem. Blocbox enables neighbors that work from home perform tasks like package receipt for neighbors that are gone during the day. There are limitless additional use cases: storing boxes, letting the repairman in, walking dogs, childcare, equipment rental, house sitting, etc. With Blocbox everyone in the neighborhood wins.

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