At Bitly, we value our community and our culture.  We are actively looking for team members who align with our vision, mission and values.

It is our mission to empower marketers to make better decisions by providing insight into the connected world. 

Our values:

  • >(!=) We strive for excellence in all we do. We care. 
  • Knowledge is power. We are curious. We strive to discover new things and share them with the world. 
  • Do or do not; there is no try. We will do great things. We will take risks. We will make it happen. 
  • This land is our land. We are in this together, and we are all owners. 
  • RESPECT. We treat our teammates, customers and partners with integrity and value the relationships that we build. 

We’re looking for interns to join our engineering team!

Engineering internships at Bitly are paid, hands-on experiences where you will be doing real work that has a meaningful impact to our customers and our business.

Our engineering team works on challenging product-focussed problems and handle over 8 billion clicks per month for people and businesses all over the world. As an intern you’ll have all the support you need to make a big impact to our growing business. From day one you will be included as part of a feature team where you will have mentorship from a senior member of the team, you’ll get to meet people from each part of the business and gain practical, real-world experience. We have a friendly, inclusive culture that’s built around helping each other improve and learn. Some of the perks of working at Bitly are catered lunch, awesome snacks and beverages, and fun social events.

Within the Bitly Engineering team, we’re specifically looking for people interested in the following specializations:

  • Front-end Development – Building in-browser UI’s that talk to our APIs and provide our customers with an awesome experience.
  • Back-end Development – Building systems that analyze ~8 billion clicks/month and provide useful information back to our customers.
  • Data Science – Perform analysis on and develop approaches to help us better understand and learn from the billions of clicks that we see each month.
  • DevOps – Building and improving the tools to allow our team to work quickly while managing a fleet of ~400 servers split between a physical data center and Amazon EC2.

As an intern at Bitly you will:

  • Get hands-on technical experience from day one
  • Learn tools and skills to work in an agile development team
  • Work with large and complex systems at scale
  • Gain experience with the full software development lifecycle from design and architecture through to development, testing and release

What we’re looking for in an internship candidate includes:

  • Solid understanding of CS basics (intro level CS coursework or equivalent).
  • Demonstrated hunger for learning (ambitious coursework/research, side projects, prior internships, self-learning).


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