You enjoy bending the DOM to your will, crafting rich, performant cross platform interfaces, and making browsers do things they didn’t know they were capable of doing. You manipulate CSS/JS as if they were silly putty. You’ll be working from the application layer forward (server-side), working closely with both our UI/UX team, and our infrastructure team. Python experience is a plus.
You have the following:
  • A strong understanding of JavaScript outside of libraries / frameworks, i.e. the language itself, not just how to use jQuery, Angular, or Ember.
  • Deep understanding of:
    • Events
    • Remote Data
    • Closures
    • The DOM
    • Object Prototypes
    • Data Types
    • Scope
  • Detailed knowledge of CSS, the box model, semantic markup, and HTML5.
  • Experience with performance tuning re: script / css / image loading.
  • An understanding of application side security models, client side app hardening, XSRF, etc.
  • Experience with a version control system (preferably git or svn).

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