Kinnek is looking for experienced, talented, and hungry engineers who are looking to build something truly great. We are an engineering-focused startup: both of our founders are engineers and the majority of our team are developers. We’ve built a huge amount of infrastructure to get us to this point, but with the diverse and complex set of problems in our space, there will never be a shortage of exciting new products, features, and systems for us to build. We have a uniquely flat in hierarchy and you will likely have more autonomy over your own code than you are typically used to. We’re  also are a close-knit, highly-motivated bunch looking to solve some big problems while having a little of fun along the way. 

Among the many hats you’ll wear and share with your fellow Back-End Engineers:

  • Collaborating closely with our business team and Front-End Engineers to build new products, features, and services for our platform, as well as iterating on existing ones.
  • Making sure Kinnek is fully-equipped to handle our rapidly growing marketplace and user base. This includes everything from improving the speed and reliability of parts of our site to helping us make huge technology decisions that will have long-lasting effects on where our platform can go.
  • Analyzing our massive amounts of data to develop ways of improving the Kinnek user experience as well as building admin-facing analytical tools that make other teams at Kinnek tick.

Specifically, we are looking for someone who has experience in the following areas:

  • Required: Python; SQL;
  • Required: Designing, building, testing, and maintaining large-scale software applications like it ain’t no thang;
  • Highly Preferred: Django or a similar server-side MVC web framework;
  • Optional Bonus: AWS, Google App Engine, or similar cloud platforms; background in quantitative research / data science

About Kinnek

Small business purchasing ... doesn't sound that sexy at first, right? Well, consider that there are over 4.7 Million SMBs in the US alone, purchasing over $2.2 Trillion in equipment and physical goods. Most of these businesses handle their purchasing as if they're stuck in the 1970s - flipping through the yellow pages, paper trade directories, waiting for suppliers to cold-call them with deals, or digging through a stack of business cards left with the receptionist. And most digital resources don't provide the price and product information an SMB owner or managers needs to pull the trigger on a purchase. At Kinnek we're bringing SMB purchasing into the 21st century. Our singular aim is to become THE platform where SMBs manage all their purchases and supplier relationships. It's a massive opportunity to fundamentally change the way businesses interact.

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