Job description

Spotfront is seeking a clever software engineer with experience building robust back-end systems to design and build core infrastructure for our native advertising platform that powers promoted product listings on many large e-commerce sites.

This is role is a great fit for an engineer who wants to make foundational contributions towards the growth of an enterprise software startup, and be one of the first 10 employees. You’ll have a lot of responsibility, and play a key role in shaping the direction and success of the business.

C++, Java, APIs, Distributed Systems, Integration, High Availability, Golang, Scala, Backend Development

About Spotfront

Spotfront is a native ad platform for the next generation of e-commerce. Our technology helps retailers and brands collaborate to deliver thoughtful promoted products to their customers. The result is an improved e-commerce experience for shoppers, brands, and retailers. Google made over $5BN last year by showing promoted product ads to shoppers, but there are thousands of other e-commerce companies with search intent data that is just as good (or better) that want to enter this rapidly growing ad market. We work for them. Spotfront is profitable, growing quickly, and building sophisticated enteprise ad-tech.

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