• Lead the design of our flagship company website. Build strong appeal for our target personas of executive decision-makers and technical data scientists. Introduce new and compelling design concepts for website and campaign microsites.
  • Develop and implement new web pages with rapid turnaround to capitalize on breaking trends, new stories and events.
  • Manage site appearance, by developing and enforcing consistent design standards. Evaluate and edit new content submissions.
  • Develop creative content ideas, including infographics, video, interactive designs to drive engagement and memorability.
  • Build microsites for data scientist interest groups, industry verticals, and periodic campaigns.
  • Track metrics and improve engagement with target audiences and personas. Assess and measure user experience. Make improvements to optimize user behaviors and impressions.


Skills & Experience

  • 5+ years in web design. Proven capabilities in delivering creative and compelling interactive experiences.
  • 5+ years of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Can modify current web pages, and build entirely new microsites on-demand.
  • Experience in implementing WordPress or similar content authoring tool.
  • Experience working in fast-paced, dynamic, startup environments. Proven capabilities in working quickly and efficiently with Marketing team.



Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Sciences or equivalent college degree. An undergraduate concentration in Web Design and Development is a plus.

About Ayasdi

 Ayasdi uses a pioneering approach to automatically discover insights from complex data. Founded in 2008 after a decade of research at Stanford, DARPA, and NSF, Ayasdi uses Topological Data Analysis (TDA) to unify cutting-edge machine learning approaches into a common framework without the need to write algorithms, queries or models. We’re building a platform to solve some of the world’s most complex data problems, are well funded by top-tier VCs and have a passionate team with a great culture.

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