This is an exciting opportunity for a New York-licensed audiologist to work at Audicus (www.audicus.com), a quickly-growing hearing aids company.

Audicus would like someone to head up its audiology department.  We’re looking for a forward-thinking audiologist  in the New York City area to work on site with the Audicus team. You’d be part of a fast-paced and fun team committed to helping people and you’d play an integral role in the company.

You will:

  • Review audiograms, program hearing aids and provide customer support
  • Support marketing department by writing blog posts and appearing in instructional videos
  • Create relationships with manufacturers and assess new hearing devices
  • Help develop new software and technology, such as mobile hearing apps
  • Work with other facets of the business to help scale the company
  • Speak to the press about hearing loss and how the company is helping thousands
  • Work with our branding team to improve user experience on our website
  • Establish strategic partnerships with other brands and nonprofits

The position will involve building an audiology department and working with our other business departments (marketing, sales, business development, products, etc.).

This is a unique opportunity to join an innovative startup that believes in making a difference and has already made a difference in the lives of thousands. It is a fast-paced, intellectually charged and fun work environment.

About Audicus

Audicus is making it possible for anyone with hearing loss to obtain hearing aids without the inflated cost due to the middleman. By offering high-tech, affordable hearing aids online, we are cutting down stigmas around hearing aids and making them accessible. Since June 2012, we've saved people more than $15 million.

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