Build life-changing solutions as an early member of a Cambridge startup. Atlas5D is creating solutions to help older adults live better and longer lives – and we are looking for smart software developers to help develop our mobile application and cloud backend. Part time is welcome.

Atlas5D is a MassChallenge, TechStars, and MIT Venture Mentor Service startup, and has been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal. Company mentors include leaders from HBS, Siemens Healthcare, and TechStars.  The founders are MIT Sloan graduates, with degrees in medicine, computer science, and electrical engineering, and past careers at McKinsey, Oracle, and Harvard Med.

We believe motivated, intelligent people can learn new skills and programming languages quickly; we do our best to facilitate this.  That said, here are some skills that are preferred:

Skills that are preferred:

-Cloud (AWS and Node.js)

-Web (especially HTML5/jQuery)

-Java on Android

-Real-time or quasi-real-time Web 2.0 (e.g. RESTful APIs, persistent HTTP, video codecs)

-Computer vision and/or image processing


If you’re interested in improving healthcare, please contact us.

Contact: Jon Varsanik, jon@atlas5d.com, 617-869-7730

About Atlas5D

Founded in 2012, Atlas5D is a leader in a new space of activity tracking.  We believe that with cutting edge technology and smart team members, we can make lives better for people with reduced mobility.

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