We’re looking for javascript developers to craft highly interactive user experiences for our popular reporting platform for mobile app stores. As a javascript developer you’ll be building new interactive user interfaces as well as enhancing those used daily by tens of thousands of app devs world wide. Like every member of the appFigures team you’ll also be involved in making decisions about product development and the user experience.

You’ll be:

  • Building simpler ways to visualize complex data
  • Creating interactive and magical interfaces
  • Coding UI components with a focus on modularity and reusability
  • Participating in high level design decisions
  • Fixing bugs and other issues quickly
  • Working with an excellent team of talented and proven developers

 You have:

  • A formal education in a computer science related field.
  • Expertise in Javascript and at least one other programming language
  • Experience with JS frameworks such as Angular.js or Backbone.js
  • Knowledge of CSS and HTML and their best practices
  • A deep understanding of object-oriented design and MV* design patterns
  • Passion for technology and the web

 What Wouldn’t Hurt:

  • Involvement in the open-source community
  • A solid understanding of coding standards and conventions
  • You apply the DRY principle to everything, even when you’re not programming
  • You’ve taken a crack at creating your own Javascript MVC framework
  • Some knowledge of Linux

About appFigures

appFigures is a reporting platform for mobile app developers that brings together all of your app store sales, ad data, worldwide reviews, and hourly rank updates into one intuitive and informative reporting solution.

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