We’re looking for a DevOps engineer to help us maintain and scale the appFigures infrastructure. As a DevOps engineer you’ll be responsible for caring for and feeding our servers, monitoring them, and scaling the infrastructure as we grow. Like every member of the appFigures team you’ll also be involved in making decisions about product development and the user experience.

We run a combination of self hosted servers and cloud instances running mostly Linux but some Windows. You’ve been warned.

 You’ll be:

  • Scaling our physical and cloud infrastructure as the platform grows.
  • Developing and improving our monitoring and reporting system.
  • Automating everything.
  • Participating in high-level design decisions about the appFigures platform.
  • Fixing bugs or other issues quickly.
  • Working with a team of intelligent developers who are passionate about the platform and web serving.

 You Have:

  • Hands on experience in some combination of engineering/building systems/test automation.
  • Experience coding in Python or Node.
  • Solid troubleshooting and debugging skills.
  • Experience with physical servers as well as cloud providers (AWS, Rackspace, etc.).
  • Experience with configuration management and automation tools.
  • Solid understanding of web and data serving (TCP/IP, DNS, routing, Linux, security, hardening, encryption standards, DDoS mitigation)
  • Hands-on experience with server-side development and deployment (Python, Apache/Nginx, MySQL, Redis, Memcached)

 What Wouldn’t Hurt:

  • Experience with managing Windows servers
  • An interest in working in a rapidly-growing environment and helping us create a strong DevOps culture.

About appFigures

appFigures is a reporting platform for mobile app developers that brings together all of your app store sales, ad data, worldwide reviews, and hourly rank updates into one intuitive and informative reporting solution.

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