As a frontend developer at AMG, you’ll be expected to wear a number of hats. You will be responsible for writing clean, DRY, and performant Rails code as well as designing an outstanding user interface and experience. Working alongside business users, analysts, and backend developers, you will need to have a deep understanding of the terabytes of data available and use tools like D3.js to come up with innovative ways to present them to end-users in ways that are both beautiful – and useful.



·      Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Science, or a related field (or 4 years of relevant work experience)

·      A strong understanding of data structures, algorithms, and effective software design

·      Significant experience with at least one web framework (e.g. Ruby/Rails, Python/Django) and solid understanding of the MVC design pattern

·      Experience with frontend languages, especially Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3

·      Experience with a lower level language (e.g. Java, C/C++, C#)

·      Proficiency with SQL and RDBMSs (preferably PostgreSQL or MySQL)

·      Experience writing unit, functional, and performance tests for the web

·      Comfort with version control systems (e.g. Git, SVN)

·      Clear verbal and written communication skills; must work well in an agile, collaborative team environment


Any of the following will really get us excited:

       Master’s in Computer Science, Information Science, or a related field

       Expert frontend skills and user interface design knowledge

       Familiarity with a Javascript framework (e.g. Backbone, Ember, Angular)

       Experience using D3 or other frontend data visualization libraries

       Experience working with large amounts of structured and unstructured data

       Familiarity with a statistical package such as R, Matlab, or SPSS

About Analytics Media Group

Part tech start-up, part media analytics firm, we have big goals and are moving fast to accomplish them. We grew out of the Obama Campaign, where we used individual-level data to improve our ability to buy the most valuable ads for the money. Though we were outspent, our ability to target our audience in a sophisticated way meant our dollars were better spent than the oppositions'.  We're bringing this methodology (and scrappiness!) to a broad array of clients, who range from Fortune 500 consumer companies to political candidates and interest groups. And we have made some waves— check out the New York Times Magazine profile of our approach: www.amg.tv/nyt

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