You are our preferred candidate if you:

  • are passionate about web application development
  • developed full time in Python/Ruby/Java for 4+ years
  • have experience in Django and other frameworks like Flask, Web2py, Rails, etc.
  • like living in PyCharm or Eclipse (or Emacs or Vim) for 5 hours a day (or your editor of choice)
  • have experience with client/server architectures
  • have experience with REST and Soap used in web based integration
  • have experience building SaaS / multi-tenant systems
  • have an interest in making your clients’ lives better
  • are an organized team-player
  • are comfortable with source control (ie. git)
  • speak and understand English at a fluent level

You are our ideal candidate if you also:

  • have a sweet portfolio of web applications (which you provide when applying)
  • have experience with multiple languages
  • have experience in many different frameworks
  • shipped a well designed application
  • participate in data model design
  • use unit tests in your code by choice 

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