Founded by the creator of the YOU DON’T KNOW JACK® game series, The Jellyvision Lab, Inc. creates virtual teachers, advisors, and salespeople who make online learning and decision making delightful.  In all that we do, our goal is to make complex topics simple and boring material interesting, using a combination of great design, unexpectedly funny content, and serious technology.

Of all the virtual people Jellyvision has created, the tallest and least afraid of bears is ALEX® (www.meetalex.com). ALEX helps companies talk their employees through the tricky choices they’ll have to make, like picking a health insurance plan, deciding how much to put in the 401(k), or whether they might want extra life insurance. Our customers love ALEX because he helps their employees figure out what’s best for their personal situations, which, in turn, saves our customers a boat-load of time and money – everybody wins! As we sell more and more of ALEX, we need more and more non-virtual (i.e., real life) people to keep the virtual ones amazing. That’s where you come in.


Jellyvision is looking to continue growing a team of Inside Sales Representatives who will be charged with reaching out to potential clients to discuss ALEX. The team’s goal is to have engaging conversations with interested people that may end up being great customers. Everyone on this team will work together with our regional account executives to close business. The role involves a lot of time on the phone, scouting LinkedIn for contacts, research, and focus on turning a cold call experience into something informative and delightful.


We’re looking for recent college graduates or people with a year or two of work experience who are looking to cut their teeth in the world of sales. Bonus points if you have similar experience, but we’re not making it a requirement because we’ll provide a ton of coaching and mentoring here at Jellyvision. Please note that this isn’t a role for senior sales folks. In a nutshell, we’re looking for people who are:

  • Comfortable on the phone. This role requires picking up the phone and talking to people you don’t know. If that doesn’t sound like something you’ll enjoy, this probably isn’t going to be a good role for you
  • Bright. You’ll have to do great research to get in front of the necessary contacts and a lot of this involves creative problem solving and crafty communication
  • Clever. That crafty communication we just mentioned? You’ll need to write clever introductory emails that hold weight, get our point across, and make us interesting to prospective customers
  • Happy to be a part of a team. While we have individual goals on the sales team, maybe more important is the overall team goal. Not losing sight of your role in helping the group reach its goal is an important cultural piece for us. We’re not a sales team that’s just “in it to win it” on an individual level, we’re also about supporting one another in our group success. Moreover, you’ll be developing leads that will be passed to an Account Executive that you’ll work closely with, so a desire to work collaboratively with others is a must.
  • Driven and motivated.This is a role where you’ll be encouraged to do great work by everyone around you, and you need to be up for the challenge.  Our amazing team will help make sure you have the tools to ace the job, but ultimately your success will be determined by your hard work and dedication
  • Curious. You’ll be constantly searching for answers when there are none readily available and re-evaluating your approach when you hear “no.” As we mentioned before, you’ll be researching people and companies on a daily basis, so super-sleuth abilities are key
  • Confident, not cocky. At the end of the day, we’re a humble crew. Our product and our company mission is about helping people, and you’ve got to have the right amount of wit and Jellyvision charm to make a first call turn into a second. You’ll have to insert personality into all of your reach-outs, and still have the gravitas to get on a cold call with VPs and Directors alike

ANYTHING ELSE? Yes.  As we mentioned above, we only hire nice, bright, funny people who are willing to work hard.  Jellyvision is a group effort and you must be capable of working collaboratively with internal and external people alike.  Everyone at Jellyvision shares a commitment to excellence and a desire to work in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

ARE THERE ANY PERKS? Yes, we love perks.

  • Competitive pay, stock options and benefits. 401(k) with matching. And we pay 100% of the cost of premiums for medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance for our employees (as long as you qualify for our tobacco-free discount; if you’re a tobacco user, your medical premiums will be higher than $0). We also cover a really nice chunk of the cost of premiums for spouse/partner/dependent medical, dental and vision insurance.
  • Casual dress and a flexible schedule. Come in a sweatshirt, jeans, whatever, like everyone else here.
  • Creative work environment. We are lucky to work in a place that is full of intelligent, talented and innovative folks. Although most hours the place is deathly quiet (we’re a focused bunch), this is punctuated with hilarious outbursts and general merriment, which makes a nice way to spend the day.
  • Free food. Every week, we stock our kitchen with free healthy snack foods, and we have a catered lunch once a week to give people a reason to hang out and eat together.
  • Easy transportation. We’re really close to the ‘L’ and the Halsted (#8) bus (right by the Apple Store and Mega Whole Foods too), and we have a transit FSA that allows you to dedicate pre-tax dollars to public transportation expenses. And a number of our employees like to bike to work, so we also have showers and lockers in the office.
  • Did we mention our yoga class? We bring a pro instructor right to the office. Fully subsidized by Jellyvision and fully optional, btw.
  • Oh! And we have a massage chair. Not just any massage chair, my friend. It’s the HumanTouch HT 5320 WholeBody™ Massage Chair. Feeling a little stiff? Sit down. Relax. Feel better? Good. Okay, back to work.

INTERESTED? Great, we look forward to reading your application – make sure it includes:

  • A cover letter that highlights three reasons you think you’d be great for the gig, focusing on how your past work experience has prepared you for this kind of position – or why you think you can rock the job even though you don’t have past work experience that’s perfectly aligned. Writing is key to all that we do, and we weigh cover letters heavily. Like, heavy as a Mack truck.
  • Your resume.

You will receive an auto-reply confirming that we’ve received your application.

If you decide to apply, please know that every complete application will be carefully reviewed. Seriously! We know it is a time commitment to prepare an application. And we respect that effort by thoughtfully reviewing every complete application and responding one way or the other. But that kind of thoughtful review means that it sometimes takes us awhile to get back to applicants, so please NO PHONE CALLS. The time we spend responding to phone calls and emails inquiring about where we are in the process is time that we could be spending actually moving the process along – so please be patient with us!

About Jellyvision

Simply put, Jellyvision is a kooky-yet-clever interactive marketing company, the spawn of a gaming company best known for creating the irreverent trivia game show You Don’t Know Jack. Since sprouting forth from Jack’s bald head in 2001, we have retained Jack’s sense of humor while embarking on our own mission of shifting the focus of the web from “navigation” to “conversation”. Basically, we want to make the internet more human (that can’t backfire, right? It’s not like the internet is going to become sentient). So we traded in the virtual game show host for a fleet of virtual salespeople, brokers, guidance counselors, and teachers who add personality and personalization to complex ideas that would be otherwise way too complicated or snooze-inducing.

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